How to be prepared for the next Argos PS5 drop

July 10, 2021

Get ready for the next PS5 drop at Argos, how? we got you covered

You will need a mobile phone and a LOT of patience to get a PS5 from Argos.

Times & Dates:

We cannot effectively get you an EXACT date BUT what we can do is help you get prepared, so let’s start with times…

Argos rolls out consoles through location based drops. if you see it in stock somewhere DON’T panic!

How to get ready for the drop?

Many people say to “clear cookies” then click on their links… This is up to you. As you know already our links are affiliated and we do not hide this fact. You do not have to clear your cookies in fact if you do so, you will have to log into Argos after you have got everything ready for the PS5 console drop causing you to create more work for yourself.

Head over to this link >> and add the console you want to your wishlist by clicking the heart (after logging in of course)

Wait for the PS5 to drop then keep checking your mobile to see if it is in your local store for you.

Checkout and wait/pick it up!

Then start gaming!

Here are some links for you to keep an eye on:

All consoles –

The links below are temperamental and will not work all the time.

Maybe just worth checking when you have a few minutes.

Digital –
Disk –
Ratchet & Clank Bundle –

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