Tesco, Sainsburys & ASDA Pay @ Pump new limits

July 10, 2021

Tesco and Sainsburys will be later this month rolling out to ALL petrol stations a minimum fee of £99 to pay @ pump authorisations.

You will be charged £99 instead of the usual £1 fee to stop those without enough money in their bank account filling up

The charge is in place to help prevent drivers budget, Tesco said, but also to stop those with not enough money in their bank accounts from filling up their cars.

Currently many drivers are using pay at the pump services to avoid face-to-face interaction due to the pandemic and lengthy queues as more motorists return to the road as lockdown measures are eased.

How will the new system work?

A customer will insert their card at the pay at pump service where the pump will send a funds-check to their bank to reserve £99.

This is to check they have sufficient funds in their account to cover the cost of their fuel.

The bank will get this check and, depending on the funds available in the account, will either accept the full amount or propose a lower amount.

If a customer does not have £99 available in their account, the pump will tell them how much they have available and allow them to refuel up to this amount.

Once a customer has finished filling up, the fuel pump will immediately notify their bank of the actual value of the petrol they purchased with the unused amount released back to their account within the hour..

Tesco is trialling the new scheme at its Stevenage Broadwater store and, if successful, will roll it out UK wide later this year.

Sainsbury’s added the charge is currently in a small percentage of its petrol filling stations and, again, will likely roll it out all stores at a later date.

**EDIT** This now includes forecourts of ASDA around the UK

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