What’s new at Freshcotton NL

“No matter who you are or where you live, if you have wifi and a phone you can order the most exclusive shoes and clothes online at Freshcotton.com” We serve a big multi-cultural young group of people that live on their phones, are continuously online but don’t always know what’s cool or is going to be the next big thing. We show, inspire and educate them by continuously showing the latest brands and trends and bring them their favourite boutique to their doorstep. We sell style and are curators within Street fashion. After 15 years being on top of the game we are a trusted online institute that shows how to wear and combine your clothes and make it an easier buy then out the rack of a store. By mixing different price range collections we make the commercial items look cool and the cheaper items expansive ‘cause at Freshcotton we are not only able to deliver the latest trends but also set new trends. Through our Exclusive accounts with for instance Nike and Adidas. We get unique product that sometimes sells out in seconds. Our Cool and friendly image, premium product selection next to our High service level creates loyal customers that keep coming back. We have built a big online platform with 300.000 visitors per month and the daily traffic of 10.000 visitors and the reviews placed online show that it works.

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